Vacuum Pump 5L

Vacuum Pump 5L

Vacuum pump is a multi-purpose device which can be used for sucking out oil from engines of cars, lawnmowers, chain saws, motorbikes, scooters, personal watercrafts and motorboats as well as for liquidation of any kinds of leakages. It is recommended in conditions where using pressurized air is not advised and in many other untypical situations.

Important advantage: The device does not need an external source of energy (the underpressure is created by hand pumping) and can be used almost everywhere.

Vacuum.pump is light and its construction simple, so it’s easy to operate and service. It is equipped in solid, steel wide-diameter ball valve and two kinds of sucking pipes.


  • Strong, polypropylene tank
  • Steel valve with high transmitting capacity
  • Stainless steel lances
  • Sucking polypropylene pipe


Vacuum.pump 5

Set includes 2 liquid suction pipes: steel 15cm and elastic.

Technical Data

  • Total Capacity:        5.75 litre
  • Working Capacity:  5.00 litre
  • Diameter:                 220 mm
  • Net Weight:             1.80 kg
  • Height:                     670 mm


  • Garage
  • Farm
  • Service station
  • Garden