Titan Knapsack Sprayer 16L

Titan Knapsack Sprayer 16L

If you need equipment for serious work, the titan™ sprayer will work perfectly. Large capacity, convenience of use, and patented solutions. With the titan sprayer, you can become a titan™ of work and you will not even get tired.

Nozzle with jet regulation

Nozzles in our sprayers have a smooth adjustment of the spray angle from a very wide to a single jet. All you need is one nozzle that can be used for both watering and fogging.

Hole-free mounting

The non-invasive fixing of the tank base guarantees its tightness due to the elimination of mounting holes. This solution guarantees the integrity of the tank, preventing leakage of connections traditionally used.

Anti-dust Protection (APS System)

All telescopic lances are equipped with APS dust protection to prevent the entry of contaminants inside the lance. Thanks to such a solution, they are considered to be one of the most reliable devices of this type on the market.

Glass valve elements (GVS)

The glass elements in the pump valves (GVS) are resistant to chemical agents, which ensures long-term operation of the pump. Glass is a material resistant to almost any type of chemicals, what has been used in our patented pump design.

Dosing valve lock

The dosing valve, integrated with the Marolex handle, allows for a more comfortable work. The lock reduces the strain on the hand muscles during long work with the sprayer. Pressing and moving the dosing valve button forward, locks it in the open position without having to hold the button.

Three-layer reinforced hose

All hoses in our sprayers are equipped with additional internal reinforcement, increasing resistance to pressure and external factors. Our hoses are resistant to bending, cracking, and stretching. The three-layer construction is quality without compromise.

Additional Safety Seals

The additional seals used in our sprayers increase work safety and reduce the risk of leakage at connections. The guarantee of tightness in our sprayers as well as the user’s safety and the impact on the natural environment are extremely important to us.

Soft Profiled Straps

Marolex focuses on ergonomics and user convenience, which is why we have created soft, waterproof carrying straps that guarantee comfort and adaptation to the shape of the body. The smooth regulation allows you to adjust the length and arrangement of straps optimally to different height and dimensions of the user’s body.

Technical Data

  • Total Capacity        18.3 litre
  • Working Capacity  16.0 litre
  • Pressure                  0.4 mPa
  • Net Weight              4.00 kg
  • Height                      610 mm



Insecticides spraying

Aphid is almost an annual plague of orchardmen, but periodic spraying of fruit bushes will protect you against crop losses. Thanks to the large capacity of the titan sprayer on the back you can enter between strawberry bushes or raspberries without the need to spray the whole plantation.

Spraying with fungicides

Spring vine spraying on a southern slope is an area not available for agricultural equipment. The only possibility is the mobility offered by a knapsack sprayer. The pump with up to a minute of pressure maintenance and a long telescopic lance shortens the time required for early spring spraying to a minimum.

Protection against moss on roof tiles

Comfortable and stable carrying straps allow for completely new applications for you. With the sprayer on the back, you can safely and comfortably climb the ladder to spray tiles against the moss. The possibility of additional equipment in the form of a 3-meter lance increases your range almost 3 times compared to a telescopic lance.

Forest crop protection

The forest is a difficult area, and taking care of forest tree nurseries is a hard job that should be simplified. The choice of 3 capacities and compatibility with the soil lance make the titan sprayer an invaluable weapon with larvae destroying tree roots in forest crops.

Application of liquid fertilizers

In the packaging with spare parts, you will also find an additional 1 mm nozzle designed for fertilizers. The green nozzle allows you to create a micro-mist shattering the fertilizer into microscopic drops that are better absorbed by the plants. For even greater efficiency, it is a good idea to use multi-nozzles lances and maximize the capabilities of crop fertilization.