RX - Battery Sprayer Knapsack

RX - Battery Sprayer Knapsack

Turn it on, put it on your back, and forget about limitations. With the rx™ x-line  battery sprayer, you’ll get anywhere and the built-in battery will allow you to work incredibly long without recharging.

Anti Dust Protection System

All telescopic lances are equipped with APS dust protection to prevent the entry of contaminants inside the lance. Thanks to such a solution, they are considered to be one of the most reliable devices of this type on the market.

Dosing Valve Lock

The dosing valve, integrated with the Marolex handle, allows for a more comfortable work. The lock reduces the strain on the hand muscles during long work with the sprayer. Pressing and moving the dosing valve button forward, locks it in the open position without having to hold the button.

Three Layer Reinforced Hose

All hoses in our sprayers are equipped with additional internal reinforcement, increasing resistance to pressure and external factors. Our hoses are resistant to bending, cracking, and stretching. The three-layer construction is quality without compromise.

Soft Profiled Straps

Marolex focuses on ergonomics and user convenience, which is why we have created soft, waterproof carrying straps that guarantee comfort and adaptation to the shape of the body. The smooth regulation allows you to adjust the length and arrangement of straps optimally to different height and dimensions of the user’s body.

Nozzle with Jet Regulation

Nozzles in our sprayers have a smooth adjustment of the spray angle from a very wide to a single jet. All you need is one nozzle that can be used for both watering and fogging.

Instant Charging

Our modern batteries are ready to use whenever you need them. The quick charger limits the charging time to the minimum necessary. We value your time, that’s why instant charging is our standard.

Microprocessor Control

Control, security, and optimization – in our sprayers, all this is operated by the microprocessor. Thanks to advanced algorithms, our sprayers use batteries more efficiently and save energy, so you can work longer.

Technical Data

  • Total Capacity:        14 litre
  • Working Capacity:  12 litre
  • Pressure:                 038 MPa
  • Net Weight:             6.80 kg
  • Height:                     640 mm


Spraying with organic plant preparations

More and more often we are looking for eco-labels on various products, maybe it is worth to add the eco-label to the sprayer. Regardless of whether you have greenhouses, a small garden, or you grow grapevines for your own wine, you should know that everything you use while growing affects the final effect. By using eco-friendly preparations in a battery-operated sprayer, you not only take care of your garden, but also of yourself. By taking care of the garden, you do not harm.

Application of liquid fertilizers

A beautiful and well-kept lawn is the pride of every gardener. Such a beautiful green carpet in the garden requires a great care, and a large lawn requires much more care and time. Therefore, the combination of a battery-operated sprayer, giving constant pressure and high efficiency, with a five-row lance, increasing the spray width up to 120 cm, is the ideal solution. The fertilizer will reach every blade of grass easily and quickly. But remember about regularity.

Herbicide spraying
Put it on your back and go out into the field, a single nozzle with a herbicide cover is ideal for spot weed removal. Many owners of gardening nurseries are delighted with the mobility and precision of the battery-operated sprayer. If you add that on one charge you spray even a very large nursery with herbicides, the rx x-line seems to be an ideal sprayer.

Spraying with plant preparations

When modernity meets nature. For centuries, we have been using the properties of certain plants for protection against pests. Spraying with preparations made of plant extracts is the best combination of what we know from plant biology and chemistry with a modern battery-operated sprayer.

Spraying with oil preparations

Spring spraying is a good preparation for the gardening season on plantations and crops. when there is a lot of work, it is worth to have both hands free and choose the battery-powered knapsack sprayer. A strong pump will easily cope with row and vertical lances, and the work will go faster and effortlessly.