Multishear / Baleshear

The i73 BaleShear was first developed by Tanco to better improve the feeding of round bales in winter months. Before the i73 BaleShear, feeding bales was labour intensive, where operators had to exit the cab and manually open bales with pocketknives and then re-enter the cab. The job was time consuming, posed safety risks, unpleasant and made recycling plastic a more time consuming and difficult task.

Improved safety and ease
By eliminating the need to exit the cab, in order to manually split bales with a knife, the ease and safety of feeding-out bales is greatly improved.

Reduced feeding time
Feeding times are reduced by eliminating the time consuming job of manually splitting bales. As bales are split before they are placed into a diet-feeder, farmers are experiencing massive reductions in mixing times – by up to 60% – when using the Tanco I73 Bale Shear.

Reducing overall costs
The I73 Bale Shear can result in significant savings on labour hours, fuel and diet-feeder maintenance. This is due greatly to reduced wear and tear on the mixer-drive systems.

Compact design
The I73 Bale Shear’s compact design and low weight of 400kg means it is very suitable for using in narrow feed passages because the bale is split forwards.

Bale sizes
Bales from 3.2in (1,000mm) to 5.6in (1,700mm) in diameter can be handled with the Tanco I73 Bale Shear because of the adjustable position of the gripping mechanism.

Gripping mechanism
The patented gripping mechanism grips and holds the plastic without piercing or tearing it. This is critical in retaining the strength of the plastic and stopping it from ripping during the process. Hydraulic sequence valves allow the gripping mechanism to open, when the blade opens fully. This allows the gripping mechanism to close first, when the blade starts to close.

Badly-shaped bales
The position of the hydraulic rams and the blade design allows the Tanco Bale Shear to work well on badly shaped bales.

Lund blades
Lund blades are used as standard on the Tanco I73 Bale Shear. Benefits of Lund blades: - Hard facing – longer-wear life; - Wear sharp – blade maintains sharpness as it wears; - High-wear resistance; - Strength and ductility.

Hardox Steel & Stonefork Tines
Advanced high-strength and long-wearing Hardox steel is used in the blade of the Tanco Bale Shear. Stonefork tines are used as they are twice as strong as KV tines. This is critical due to the high-load factor, when the blade cuts through the bale. The machined, heavy-duty tine sleeve is used as standard; this ensures that tines keep their tightness.

Save Time in Comfort
Today with the i73 BaleShear operators can stay within the safety of the cab. Bales up to 1.55m in diameter are picked and split into passageways, diet feeders and feeding rings. The plastic is held by a patented gripping mechanism, that positively holds the plastic without piercing it, therefore eliminating the likelihood of tearing plastic. Once the bale is discharged the plastic can then be driven to a drop off point.

Weight and Dimensions I73
Transport Length (m) 1.10 (3'6")
Transport Width (m) 1.82 (5'9")
Height in Transport (m) 0.85 (2'8")
Weight (kg) 435 (959 lbs)
Bale Dimensions  
Width x (Min. - Max. Diameter) (m) 1.25 x (1.00 - 1.55)
US Round Bale Dimensions (ft) up to 4 x 5
Max. Bale Weight (kg) 1,400 (3,086 lbs)
Min. Oil Consumption (l/min) (US gal/min) 20 / 5.3
Min. Oil Pressure (bar) (PSI) 180 / 2600


I73 BaleShear

  • Splits round bales up to 1.55m in diameter while retaining the plastic
  • Feed directly on feed passageways, diet feeders and feeding rings
  • Cuts silage, hay, maize and straw with ease
  • Single standard hydraulic coupling

Optional Extras

  • i74 Meal Bucket (I73 Only)
  • Bolt-on Brackets available for all modern tractors and loaders