Master Ergo 2000

Master Ergo 2000

We have created a master ergo™ sprayer for gardening enthusiasts, but its smart solutions will also be appreciated by professional users. We also thought about safety – thanks to attaching the lance you will gain both a greater range of work and move the liquid out. Ergonomics of use, smooth shapes, clever solutions make us proud of it.

Nozzle with jet regulation

Nozzles in our sprayers have a smooth adjustment of the spray angle from a very wide to a single jet. All you need is one nozzle that can be used for both watering and fogging.

3D Flex

3D Flex is a construction that gives more freedom of use. Sprayers with 3D Flex can work in any position, even with the tank facing up. Thanks to this solution, you will reach even the most inaccessible nooks and crannies with unprecedented ease.

Smart Bottle

The ergonomic profiling in the sprayer tank allows for a comfortable and secure grip. This significantly improves the comfort of work, minimizing the force needed to unscrew and tighten the head.

Dosing valve lock

An automatic dosing valve locking button ensures continuous sprayer operation.

Technical Data

  • Total Capacity:        2.40 litre
  • Working Capacity:  2.0 litre
  • Pressure:                 0.4 mPa
  • Net Weight:             0.60 kg
  • Height:                     308 mm


Ecological protection of vegetables and herbs

In the era of increasing awareness, many of us are opting for ecological spraying by natural agents. The master sprayer will be perfect here as an excellent spraying device, and thanks to the wide infusion, it will be easy to fill with the preparation prepared by yourself.

Protection against pests

Pest infestation is a random matter and it’s difficult to prepare for it, but it’s worth to have a tool to combat it quickly. Thanks to the possibility of spraying in every position, the master ergo is ideally suited to fight with troublesome pests.

Spraying against fungal diseases

Sometimes mildew appears in the vegetable garden or on the rose bushes. Thanks to the use of a 30- or 15-centimeter lance you can spray them regardless of the sharp spikes of the rose, or precisely reach the tomato leaves in a convenient and safe way.

Sprinkling of seed sowing

We all know what happens when we will water sown seeds with a large jet, they will be flushed. To avoid this, you need to use a sprayer. The master ergo sprayer is ideal because you can easily adjust the right type of jet; just select the nozzle, the choice of which is large.